Art and Aubrey Schupbach, author and wife

"Keeping love alive is like trying to keep a cactus alive in the middle of winter. It takes attention, care and ultimately a love so warm it has no choice but to thrive."

- Art Sol Schupbach


Author and illustrator of "the Greenhouse story," Art Schupbach is a yoga instructor & Michigan native.


He has always had a strong connection with nature and plant life and spends all of his spare time outdoors exploring. 


At a young age his parents separated and between 4 treehouses and one greenhouse he was able to heal. He found it interesting that there aren't many books that help explain to children why parents fight and furthermore why they separate. It doesn't have to be a sad thing and that is what the greenhouse teaches.


He attributes all of his inspiration to his beautiful wife and the love they share. 

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Ann Arbor MI 

Children's book written & illustrated by Art Schupbach, Ann Arbor yoga instructor. "The Greenhouse Story" is a great tool to start a conversation with your children about separation and divorce. The Gardener teaches us about love and what to do if it starts to die.